Research Courses we can assist with:

MPhil: The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) is an advanced graduate degree designed for a student who wants to demonstrate applied scholarship beyond a Master's program, but who is not ready or does not wish to apply for a doctoral degree program.

PhD: Doctor of Philosophy, abbreviated as PhD, Ph.D., D.Phil., or DPhil in English-speaking countries and originally as Dr.Philos. (For the Latin philosophise doctor or doctor philosophise), is in many countries a postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities

DBA (Doctor of Business Administration): The DBA is an exciting opportunity for experienced managers to further their qualifications, combining research and practical reflective activities. The DBA offers a relevant and manageable doctorate for managers who may feel the traditional PhD is not relevant to their career needs and ambitions.

Entry Requirements: To enter those programs applicants need to provide some information about the applicant as well as previous academic progression including a detailed CV with supporting evidences of any work experience & other activities and training you have undertaken. Applicant will have to submit a written proposal to support your application. In the proposal, you should clearly describe the area and type of research that you are looking to undertake.

Estimated Cost:To study in Research related course the estimated cost will be £6000 to £12000. To more details please contract to our customer advisor.

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